Mr. T: The new Comic Series

A new Mr. T comic series is available now. Please read the following info text:

“Quit your jibber-jabbing and buy my comic!” So says the star of The A-Team: the Mohawk-haired, jewelry-covered actor / former wrestler / powerhouse pop culture icon … Mr.T. On 21st May 2005 – Mr.T’s birthday – and all-new monthly Mr.T comic book series is launched.
Published by UK-based APComics (, written by Chris Bunting, drawn by Neil Edwards and with Mr.T himself as Creative Supervisor, this promises to be excitement as only Mr.T can deliver. Says writer Chris Bunting: “Mr.T is a living legend and therefore earns the privilege of his own comic book. Great stories featuring this larger-than-life star have been going untold, and much to everyone’s delight, we’re going to tell them! “The Mr.T comic will be something that people can relate to, while at the same time, enjoy. It’ll have all the spectacle and drama that makes comic books so exciting.” And announcing possibly the biggest licensing deal in the history of UK comics, APComics’s publisher Richard Emms added: “I honestly can’t put into words the significance of a British publisher having an American icon like Mr.T on our team! He was born to be a comic book star!”

Ask your local comic retailer to reserve your copy of Mr.T now, and don’t forget to check out For further information, interview requests or graphics contact Richard Emms: – Direct dial: +44 (0)1727 852 131 –