Mr. T: A Short Biography

Mr. T was born in Chicago, Illinois, on May 21st, 1952. He was the youngest of 11 children and raised by his single mother on welfare. Tīs real name is Lawrence Tureaud, he changed it to Lawrence Tero in 1970 and later to Mister T.

He was wrestling Champion of his city three times and could be seen in various WWF specials during later years. In high school, he was a star football player. During his army time, he was a military policeman and then worked as a body guard in the 70īs.

One of his biggest successes besides his role of B.A.Baracus was his part as Clubber Lang in Rocky III. For a more detailed look at his career please look at our filmography. During the 90īs, T developed a T-cell lymphoma, a kind of skin cancer, which he battled successfully according to various newspaper articles. This year, T could be spotted in various talk shows (Howard Stern) and in some commercials for 1-800-COLLECT Calls.

T has 3 children, but is not married.