Melinda Culea: A Short Biography

Melinda Culea was born on May 5th, 1955 in Western Springs, Illinois. She was raised together with three brothers. Melinda attended Western Springs Highschool and married early at age 19. She became a model with the Wilhelmina Agency in New York and was divorced around that time.

She had her first small roles in commercials and then broke into TV. While she was playing the role of Amy Amanda Allen - short "Triple A" in the A-Team, there was a lot on the "Battle behind the Scenes" in the papers. Rumours were, that she wanted to get a bigger part in the series, maybe do some battles and karate kicking, be a member of the A-Team like the others. The network stated that the show was written around the four men originally and she should just add some feminine touch, which as it is rumoured, didnīt seem enough to her. Headlines like "Women would spoil the A-Team" were in many magazines and in the end, Melinda didnīt get a bigger part or more money. She had to leave in season two and was replaced later by Marla Heasly , who played reporter Tawnia Baker (and didnīt last as long as Melinda on the show by far). I would like to stress again, that a lot of these things are just rumours out of old newspaper articles - we donīt know for sure whatīs true.

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