Lance LeGault - A Short Biography

It wasn´t easy to find information on Colonel Decker - Lance LeGault, though he starred in many movies and series during the years. So please send in your help.

Lance LeGault (sometimes refered to as Lance Le Gault or W.L. Le Gault was born in 1935. He has a previous career as a country singer and you can still order his CDs via the Internet at this website. You´ll probably know Lance best as the A-Team´s Colonel Roderick Decker. He may be the best known of the MPs who hunted the team during the years. A little something I found while doing research for his filmography: In 1983 Lance appeared in an episode of T.J.Hooker as Lieutenant Decker.

Lance LeGault is married, his wife´s called Teresa. His son Marcus Lowe was born in July 1989. For other movies and series Lance participated in see our Filmography.