George Peppard: A Short Biography

George Peppard was born on October 1st, 1928 in Detroit, Michigan as the son of a building contractor and an Opera singer. He attended Dearborn High School, then Purdue University and graduated at the Carnegy Mellon Institute with a BA in fine arts.

He was a sergeant at the US Marines during his army time. He then went on to do various jobs prior to stage in NY and Pittsburgh.

He married Helen Davies in ´54, son Bradford was born in 1954, daughter Julie in 1960. He divorced Helen in 1975. He then married Elizabeth Ashley in 1966, son Christian was born in 1970. They were divorced, remarried and finally divorced in 1972. George then married Sherry Boucher in 1976 an divorced her in 1979. He then married Alexis Adams (1985) and was divorced later. Laura Taylor, who he married on September 11th was his last wife.

His biggest successes were probably "Breakfast at Tiffany´s" and "The A-Team". Few people know, that he was originally meant to play the role of Blake Carrington in Dynasty. For more details on his work please see our Filmography. George died on May 8th, 1994 of pneumonia. He has a star on the Walk of Fame on 6675 Hollywood Boulevard.