Mr. T - his work so far

I´ve tried to compile everything T did during his career, but I am sure some of you can still add something. The dates given are always the first US airdates. Some dates are missing entirely, some consist only of the year. I´ve tried to add the German title where possible.

Theatre Cinema / TV Books Music


  • Aladdin
  • Cinema / TV

    1980 Games people play - The World´s toughest Bouncer
    10.02.1982 Silver Spoons "Me and Mr. T"
    1982 Penitentiary II
    1982 Rocky III
    1982 Twilight Theatre TV Series
    01.10.1983 Diff´rent Strokes "Mister T. and mister t"
    1983 Bizarre
    1983 Alvin and the Chipmunks
    1983 Battle of the Network Stars
    1983 Thicke of the Night (guest)
    1983-1987 The A-Team Das A-Team
    1983 Mister T TV series
    1983 D.C.Cab aka Street Fleet
    1984 The Toughest Man in the World
    10.1984 A Magical Musical Halloween
    12.1984 Christmas Dream Special
    1985,86,88 WWF Superstars of Wrestling
    1985 Wrestlemania
    1985 Bob Hope TV Special
    15.06.1986 Rofer Foley´s Good Morning Sunday
    1986 Wrestlemania II
    16.06.1987 Black Gold Awards (guest)
    1988 T. and T. TV Series
    12.01.88 Hollywood Squares (guest)
    14.01.88 Hollywood Squares (guest)
    12.08.88 Wil Shriner (guest)
    19.07.88 - 22.07.1988 Hollywood Squares (guest)
    12.08.88 Wil Shriner (guest)
    21.11.88 - 25.11.88 Win, Lose or Draw
    11.88 Hollywood X-mas Parade
    1993 Freaked aka Hideous Mutant Freekz Freakz
    28.02.1994 Blossom "Little Help from my friends"
    1994 WCW Starrcade
    1994 Magic of the Golden Bear: Goldy III
    1995 Kids against Crime - Host
    17.10.1996 Suddenly Susan "Hoop Dreams"
    31.10.1996 Martin ""Boo´s in the House"
    1996 Spy Hard
    8.5.1997 Suddenly Susan "I´ll see that and raise you Susan"
    ? Saturday Night Live - The best of Eddie Murphy
    1999 Sabrina - The animated Series
    08.11.1999 Malcolm & Eddie "Wrongest Yard, The"
    ? Inspector Gadget
    2000 Praise the Lord
    2001 100 Greatest TV Characters (archive footage)
    2001 Apocalypse IV: Judgement
    2001 Adverts for 1-800 Collect Calls
    2001 Howard Stern Show (guest)
    ? Stars, the David Steinberg Chat Show
    ? Dean Martin´s Celebrity RoasT
    ? People do the funniest things
    ? Young doctors in Love (cameo)
    ? Mr. T´s Christmas Special
    ? Mr. T Cartoon Show (voice, tags)
    ? Star Search (guest)
    ? Going back Home (guest)
    ? Out of this world
    ? Chicago Telethon
    ? The 700 Club
    ? Burger King and Toyota Adverts
    ? Barbara Walters (guest)
    ? Three Dudes from Beverly Hills


  • T wrote at least one book - anyone out there who knows the exact title?
  • Music

  • Single & LP: Mr. T´s Commandments
  • If you have something to add, please let us know and send an e-mail to the ATFS Headquarters