George Peppard - his work

Stage TV / Movies


  • Two seasons, Oregon Shakespeare Theatre (1951/52)
  • Girls of Summer
  • Pleasure of his Company
  • The Crucible
  • Terrible Jim Fitch (1979)
  • The Sound of Music (1982)
  • Papa (1989)
  • Love Letters (1990)
  • TV / Movies

    ? "Lamp Unto My Feet" (first TV role)
    20.06.56 Kraft Theatre "Flying Object at 3 o´clock high (NBC)
    1956 ? US Steel Hour"Banging the Drum Slowly"
    11.02.57 Studio One "A Walk in the Forest" (CBS)
    31.03.57 Alcoa Hour "The Big Buildup" (NBC)
    20.05.57 Matinee Theatre "Aftermath" (NBC)
    03.06.57 Kraft Theatre "The Long Flight"
    08.12.57 Alfred Hitchcock presents "The Diplomatic Corpse" (CBS)
    1957The Strange One (GB: End as a Man) (Dt: Stirb wie ein Mann)
    17.03.58 Suspicion "The Eye of Truth" (NBC)
    24.03.58 Hallmark Hall Of Fame "Little Moon of Alban" (NBC)
    24.03.58 Matinee Theatre "End of the Rope" (NBC)
    1959 Pork Chop Hill ("Mit Blut geschrieben")
    05.04.60 Ford Star Time "Incident at a Corner"
    1960The Subterraneans (MGM) ("Die Kellerratten")
    1960 Home From The Hill (MGM) Das Erbe des Blutes)
    13.01.61 Our American Heritage "The Invincible Teddy" (NBC)
    1961 Breakfast at Tiffany´s ("Frühstück bei Tiffany")
    1962 How the West was won ("Das war der Wilde Westen")
    1963 The Victors ("Die Sieger")
    01.05.64 Bob Hope Chrysler Theatre "The Game with Glass Pieces" (NBC)
    1964 The Carpetbaggers ("Die Unersättlichen")
    1964 Password
    1965 The Third Day (WB) ("Der dritte Tag")
    1965 Operation Crossbow (US: The Great Spy Mission) (MGM) (UK/It) ("Geheimaktion Crossbow")
    1966 The Blue Max (Fox) (UK) ("Der blaue Max")
    1966 Tobruk! ("Tobruk")
    1967 Rough Night in Jericho (UNI) ("...als Jim Dolan kam")
    1968 What´s so bad about feeling good? (UNI) ("Hochzeitsnacht vor Zeugen")
    1968 P.J. ("Der Gnadenlose")
    1969 Pendulum (COL) ("Nacht ohne Zeugen")
    1969 House of Cards (UNI) ("Jedes Kartenhaus zerbricht")
    1970 A Cannon for Cordoba ("Kanonen für Cordoba")
    1970 The Executioner (COL) (UK)("Der Vollstrecker")
    1971 One More Train to Rob (UNI) ("Heißes Gold aus Calador")
    1972 The Groundstar Conspiracy (UNI) ("Der Agent, der seinen Leichnam sah")
    09.01.72 The Bravos (TVM/ABC)
    20.03.72 Banacek: Detour to Nowhere (pilot) (TVM/ABC) ("Banacek - Jagd auf Millionen Dollar")
    13.09.72-03.09.74 Banacek (series regular)
    1974 Newman´s Law (NBC) ("Newman´s Gesetz")
    05.05.75 One of our own (pilot, Doctor´s Hospital) (TVM/NBC) (Dt: Fehldiagnose)
    10.09.75-14.01.76 Doctor´s Hospital (series regular) (NBC)
    1975 Doctor´s secret (from Doctor´s Hospital)(TVM)
    17.11.75 Guilty or Innocent: The Sam Sheppard Murder Case (TVM/NBC)
    1976 The Mike Douglas Show
    1977 Damnation Alley (FOX) ("Straße der Verdammten")
    1978 Five Days from Home (+ writer and director) ("Fünf Tage bis nach Hause")
    1978 Gambler´s Luck (actor & director)
    1979 De L´Enfer A La Victorie (US: From Hell to Victory) (It/Fr)("Nur drei kamen durch")
    1979 Da Dunkerque (Fr/It)
    1979 Your Ticket is no longer Valid
    13.02.79 Crisis in Mid Air (TVM/CBS) ("Gefahr über den Wolken<2)
    02.05.79 Torn between Two Lovers (TVM/CBS)
    22.09.79 Chips "Chips Goes Roller Disco" (NBC)
    1980 Battle beyond the Stars ("Sador - Herrscher im Weltraum")
    1981 Race for the Yankee Zephyr (NZ/AUS) ("Ein Teufelskerl")
    1982 Target Eagle
    23.01.83-08.03.87 The A-Team (series regular) (NBC) ("Das A-Team")
    13.03.87 Wogan (UK)
    15.03.87 Bafta Craft Awards (UK)
    03.10.87 Dom De Luise (guest)
    1987 Troubleshoot ("Troubleshoot")
    1988 Trouble in the City of Angels (aka: Man Against the Mob) ("Ärger in der Stadt der Engel")
    13.09.88 AM
    1989 Man Against the Mob: The Chinatown Murders (TVM)
    1989 Silence like Glass
    1989 Zwei Frauen (BRD)
    1990 Night of the Fox
    19.03.90 Writer´s Guild of America Awards
    ? Survival Run
    ? The Second Annual Stuntman Awards
    ? Hollywood Screen Tests (Host)
    ? Unexpected "Dirty Detail"
    ? Suspicion "?"
    ? We the people 200 - Constitutional Gala
    ? NBC´s 60th Anniversary Celebration

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