Dirk Benedict - his work so far

I´ve tried to compile everything Dirk did during his career, but I am sure some of you can still add something. The dates given are always the first US airdates. Some dates are missing entirely, some consist only of the year. I´ve tried to add the German title where possible.

Theatre Cinema / TV Director Books Computer Games


  • King Lear
  • Mister Roberts
  • Star Spangled Girl
  • Butterflies Are Free
  • Showboat
  • Misalliance
  • Oklahoma
  • The Rainmaker
  • Lil´ Abner
  • Abelard and Heloise
  • Hamlet (1988)
  • Cinema / TV

    1972 Georgia Georgia
    24.10.72 Hawaii Five - 0 "Chain of Events" (Hawai Fünf-Null "Mörderische Kettenreaktion")
    1973 Sssnake a.k.a. Sssss (Sssnake Kobra)
    1974 W a.k.a. I Want Her Dead (W - Wahnsinn)
    17.01.74-11.07.74 Chopper One (series regular) (Chopper One - Bitte Melden!)
    15.02.75 Journey from Darkness
    04.05.77 Charlie´s Angels "The Blue Angels" (Drei Engel für Charlie "Der Dieb, der Mörder und die Juwelen")
    10.05.77 The Cabot Connection (pilot)
    1978 Scavenger Hunt
    1978 The Donny And Marie Show (segment)
    1978 The Mike Douglas Show (segment)
    1978 Dinah (segment)
    03.02.78 Cruise into Terror
    01.03.78Charlie´s Angels "The Jade Trap" (Drei Engel für Charlie "Tödliche Massage")
    ? Charie´s Angles "Angels on Wheels"
    17.09.78-17.08.80 Battlestar Galactica (series regular)Kampfstern Galactica - Die Serie
    1978 Battlestar Galactica - Saga of a Star World (Kampfstern Galactica)
    1980 Mission Galactica - The Cylon Attack (Mission Galactica -Angriff der Zylonen)
    1979 Celebrity Challenge of the Sexes (segment)
    1979 The Merv Griffin Show (segment)
    1979 Galactica ´80 "The Return of Starbuck" (Galactica ´80: Starbuck´s Rückkehr)
    1980 AM Los Angeles (segment)
    1980 Ruckus a.k.a. Ruckus in Madoc County (Ruckus a.k.a. Ruckus - Die Kampfmaschine)
    1980 Underground Aces (Die Maulwürfe von Beverly Hills)
    20.12.80 The Love Boat "Captive Audience"
    08.11.80 The Georgia Peaches a.k.a. Follow that Car
    22.05.81 Scruples
    1982 Larry Freeman´s Woman´s Page (segment)
    10.06.82 Family in Blue
    1983 The Love Boat "That´s my Dad" ("Vater wider Willen")
    1983 The Merv Griffin Show (segment)
    1983 The Phil Donahue Show (segment)
    1983 Thicke of the Night (segment)
    30.01.83-08.03.87 The A-Team (series regular) (Das A-Team)
    26.03.83 The Love Boat "Whose Dog is it anyway?" ("Auf den Hund gekommen")
    1984 Several A-Team in the Netherlands Specials on Dutch TV
    1984 Two on the Town (guest for a week)
    1985 Hammer House of Horror "Mark of the Devil" ("Gebrandmarkt")
    08.12.85 Steven Spielberg´s Amazing Stories "Remote Control Man"
    1987 Body Slam (Body Slam)
    1987 Steel Stomachs - Fitness Video
    24.06.87 Attitudes (segment)
    01.10.87 Attitudes (segment)
    12.12.87 Hotel "Prized Possessions" (Hotel "Werte")
    1988 The All-Star Jazz Band Festival (special)
    1989 Alfred Hitchcock presents "In the name of science" ("Im Namen der Wissenschaft")
    1989 Murder she wrote "Smooth Operators" (Mord ist ihr Hobby: Der Tote trägt nur einen Schuh")
    1989 Trenchcoat in Paradise ("Ananas und blaue Bohnen")
    05.01.90 TV AM
    10.01.90 This Morning
    ? PM Magazine (segment)
    ? Don Harrow Show (segment)
    ? Entertainment Tonight (several segments)
    ? Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (segment)
    ? The Wild West Show (segment)
    1990 Blue Tornado a.k.a. Tornedos (Blue Tornado - Männer wie Stahl bzw. Time Flash)
    1991 Shadow Force (Für Gesetz und Mord)
    1991 Bejewelled
    1992 Baywatch "Rookie of the Year" ("Harte Schule")
    1993 Official Denial a.k.a. Space Visitors
    1993 ? The Commish "All that glitters" (Der Polizeichef "Das große Los")
    07.09.94 Gesundheitsmagazin Praxis (segment)(German Health magazine)
    1994 Demon Keeper
    1994 ? Walker, Texas Ranger "Case closed" ("Sperrzone")
    1994? Gottschalk Late Night (segment)(German Late Night Show)
    1995 The Feminine Touch a.k.a. The November Conspiracy ("Die Liste" bzw. "Die Todesliste")
    1995 ? Murder she wrote "Frozen Stiff" (Mord ist ihr Hobby "Steif gefroren")
    1996 Alaska (Alaska)
    1997 Abduction of Innocence ("Entführung nach Schulschluss")
    1998 Waking up Horton


  • Cahoots (2000)
  • Books

  • Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy ("Mein Leben als Kamikaze Cowboy")
  • And then we went fishing
  • Computer Games

  • 1997 Zork - Grand Inquisitor
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