Dwight Schultz: A Short Biography

Dwight Schultz was born on November 24th, 1947 as the son of a postman and a phone operator, in Baltimore, MD. He attended the Baltimore Towson University and has a degree in theatre arts. He spent two years with the Baltimore Theatre Ensemble.

Dwight is married to Wendy Fulton 12.06.83) who could also be spotted in one A-Team Episode. Their daughter Ava was born on October 5th, 1987.

Dwight´s biggest success probably is his role as Murdock in the A-Team. He is very well known in the Star Trek Universe though as Reginald Barclay - a shy engineer on the Voyager. Dwight has also participated in numerous projects of the Alien Voices Company, a company producing audio tapes of classic pieces like "The lost World" or the "Canterville Ghost". Leonard Nimoy is also part of Alien Voices. You´ll find a report of one of their shows on this very site.

Dwight´s latest plans according to rumours include a talkshow on the UFO subject together with Don Ecker, with whom Dwight has already done several radio shows on UFO Tonight. For further details on Dwight´s projects, please see our Filmography.