Dirk Benedict
Other interesting links

The Kamikaze Cowboy Website

Dirk´s own website including the latest infos on his books and the opportunity to order from Dirk´s personal merchandising store. Lots of pictures as well as excerpts from Kamikaze Cowboy II.

Dirk Benedict Central

Lots of info on Dirk and very up-to-date!!! Check out the Dirk Calendar to catch up with recent appearances of Faceman!

Dirk Benedict Anonymous

Very good site with a LOT of pictures (more than 1000).

John Striker

And yet another fantastic 80´s show featuring Douglas Burnett as John Striker. Doug might look familiar... Have fun, it´s a great site!

Battlestar Galactica Fanclub BattlestarFanClub.com

The Homepage of a great Battlestar Galactica Fan Club.

You´ll find many Galactican links here also on the Revival Campaign.

Join today - just click on the picture!