The ATFS Diaries

or: If you dare to run a Fanclub...

January 2002

While browsing through the ATFS bank account statements, I notice that thereīs quite an amount gone to Premiere World (one of the most-known pay TV networks over here). Never have even thought about signing up for that. Call to the network reveals that someone asking for info on the club used the account number and his name to register for this network. Isnīt it great what you can do today with only little info on other people? Went to the bank naturally to get the money back.

February 2002

Got a letter one morning written on the back of some part list for the interior of a car or whatever... Oil stained. Two pages saying over and over again "Please send me a list of all episodes starting with the first and ending with the last one". I wonder if I should create a program to randomize the episode list briefly - but then, wait a minute. They īve got to have that at RTL since the late 80s...

March 2002

After a quarter of a year of writing letters, sending e-mails and faxes to the RTL teletext people, they finally manage to change the e-mail address an their pages and add the ATFS to their index pages. Suddenly, the number of letters goes up enormously and e-mails come pouring in... Thereīs for sure stuff to continue this section.